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태양열 패널

We have renewable energy. 
Solar power provides us with more energy now and in the future.

Need more energy?

All technologies and solutions are made with high-quality Korean technology.

SBKtech is 

Infinite energy of nature

Infinite energy that doesn't run out because the source of energy is the sun

Clean & safty energy sources

Eco-friendly, pollution-free energy that can be produced without carbon emissions, vibration, and noise

Building a Convenient System

It's possible everywhere the sun shines.

Recent Projects


Texas Solar Farm Seminar

The 4th 2020 Solar Power Seminar, hosted by the Texas JoongAng Ilbo and sponsored by Korea Solar Energy Co., Ltd., KEN KIM Real Estate, and SHUMI Omakase, was held.

Texas, Solar Energy New World…

We need to prepare now

At the forum, Woo Je-taek, a computer science professor at Daejeon University, called Texas a "new continent" of the solar energy industry.

Keypad Smartphone 'Biner Zero'

with analog sensibility will be introduced

Starting with Korea, the challenge to launch a new mobile brand in the U.S. market has begun.

Experience of the quality of Korea

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